Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Favorite Things... June

I don't do these often, so  when I felt like it today, I decided to run with it! THis is a link-up with Beauty and the Greek for June's favorite things... Although, since June is just starting, I think it should be labled May's favorite things. Whatever. Either way, link it up and check it out!

1. Fabletics (sign up here)
Seriously... I found them through Ashlee over at Ash's Right Direction and I'm so glad I did! Once a month, you get an email to pick your outfit, they ship it almost immediately, and viola! You've got yourself some brand-spankin new workout clothes! If you don't like it, return it! Prices range from $49.99-$69.99 for the monthly outfits, and if you're not feelin it one month (or just don't have the cash), you can opt out! Best news?! Your first outfit it only $29.99! AND- After you rack up so many points (from purchases) you've qualified for a FREE outfit! For real... check them out here.

2. Faded Glory Henley Tank (buy it here)
THese cute little tanks are so flattering.  Even on us big gals.  I bought one for the Vegas trip and I feel so great in it. And, it's cheap! A good price always feels better!

3. Danskin Women's Cotton Performance Tank (buy it here)
I jut bought a couple of these for Memorial Day weekend. I got a couple pairs of compression pants from Fabletics (see above) and while I love what they do for my legs, and their fit, I still don't like my ass. So, these are long enough to cover it (mostly) and flow-y (lose) enough that I don't feel like every roll is showing. Apparently, online, they come in a two pack, but in the store you could buy them one at a time. I got the pink and blue ones and LOVE them. Again, WALMART!
4. Anker Astro E5 15000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger (buy it here)
We bought this for our Vegas trip. After several trips to Vegas, we both figured out that our phones DO NOT hold a good enough charge for all day site-seeing. We've had other chargers before, but both were maker-specefic and wouldn't work for both of us. (he is an Android user, while I am an AVID iPhone-r... unitil this year) This is big enough to charge a smart phone FOUR TIMES before it needs a charge. It also will charge two phones at once, charges my FitBit Force and for that fact, anything else that has an adapter that fits a USB port.  I take this thing EVERYWHERE. It's especially handy for car rides when you only have one car charger (or yours goes missing thanks to little brother and sister) or for me, at the ballgames in the evenings. If you're on the go and your phone is always die-ing when you need it, this is the product for you!
5. Spray Tanning
Specefically, spray tanning parties at my house, where I don't have to stand half naked in front of a person I don't know, or a machine, and I can continue to walk around half naked in the comfort of my own home, with a couple other people. lol My friends Kim and Becky have bought their own spray tanning system and they've decided to take it to another level, by offering it to the "public". If you host a party (of four or more people) they'll come to you AND yours is FREE! But they're price isn't bad anyway, so I don't mind forking out the $15 every once and a while. And no, the photo above is not me... (although I wish it was) but that's the gist of it. I'm working on a blog post now of my last spray tan and what I learned to do... or not to do. I'll post it soon!

Anyway, these are my favorite things right now... What are your current go-to's? Anyone need a tan? :) If you're local and need a good, quick tan, let me know and I'll get you in touch with them!


  1. Haha, you totally have a point about it just now being June, and not really knowing what your Favorites are for the month.

    I LOVE my portable charger. Especially if I'm out and about all day (like in a new city) and constantly looking up directions on my phone. An extra charger is definitely a must!

    Also loving the spray tanning party idea. I've had pretty good luck with the Versa spas, but it would be so nice to do it in the comfort of your own home.

    Thanks SO much for linking up with us!


  2. Those tanks are all so cute! Most of my workout clothes are from Wal-Mart.