Friday, June 6, 2014

Random Facts about Cupcake

Hey y'all!

I came to the realization that people read this blog.  I even found out Wednesday night that PEOPLE I KNOW read this blog. (Hi y'all!) WOW.  I know you don't have to, but you do. I can't see who you are but to know that people actually come here, actually read it, and actually see what I have to say... It's an eye opener!

I use this space as my outlet.  For everything.  Not only do I use it for weight loss accountability, but to also talk about my life. Its my journal so to speak. Thank you for reading and tolerating me. Thank you for not blasting me if I drive you crazy, thank you for your support and positivity.

For those of you that I don't actually know, haven't met, or may be new in my life, I thought I'd do a post about random fact about me that you may or may not know. I love to know new things about new people, and it occurred to me, you may want to know too. So, here goes!

1. I am a mom to two wonderful little boys.

Ayden (8) 

and Remington (7).

2. I date the most wonderful man (Darrell)  I've ever met and I wouldn't trade him for anything.
This man brought me back from some darkness that I can't even explain.  He helped me walk away from relationships that I didn't need and has brought so much joy to my life. I love you honey.

3. I am an only child, the youngest child, and the oldest child... which also makes me an only child.
My mom and dad split when I was very young.  I was their only child, and was treated as so until they each found another partner. My dad, Tracey, married Kathy and she had two daughters already.  Dondi and Stephanie. Both are 2-4 years older than me.  My mother, Connie, married Ron shortly thereafter and he had a son, Brian who is about 3 years younger than me.  They then had Todd (17) and Desaree (16). I also have a "brother", Brent,  who's not really my brother, but IS Brain's half brother, but that has been raised in the family our whole lives.  He's 9 months older than me. It's a big-ol screwed up family, but it's mine. :)

4. I have 4 nephews, 1 niece and one on the way.
My oldest sister has Adam Bill, JR.
My next older sister has David & Justin
My "brother" Brent has a son and a daughter, with one on the way. I love ALL these crazy kiddos. Every last one of them.

5. I made the hardest decision of my life back in March. My oldest son went to live with his dad, Zack in Colorado. We don't know for how long. We don't know how any of this will turn out.  I know I miss him, but as his mother, I have to do what is best for him and his brother and it's not about me. You can read more about that, here.

6. I'm THAT mom.
Remington plays baseball.

We play at least twice a week and I've made all but one game this year I think.  He's a slugger, he's a third baseman, and he loves the game.  Until something doesn't go his way.  Then he's huffy. I'm the mom that is always cheering, always letting the kids know where the "play" is, and I'll be the first one to tell that coach to pull my kid and put him in the outfield if he's not playing his part. I will ride your ass to perform better, and it's not just cause you're my kid. It's because it's YOUR team.  YOU have to help THEM win. It's not just about you.  They count on you as much as you do them and you should always give 100% plus more. I'm not afraid to call you out... or anyone else for that fact.  I'm a baseball mom. I've grown up on or around the field for 20 years and it looks like I've got at least 10 more.

6. I plan parties
I LOVE to have an event to plan for.  I start months in advance.I decorate weeks in advance (if I can) and I try to use local businesses to make things work, as much as I can. I've done mostly birthday parties, but I've also planned 3 weddings (all mine, lol), a graduation party, and love details of other peoples events.

7. I met Darrell, THROUGH my ex-husband.
AWKWARD! Yeah, tell me about it.  They worked together, we met though their job. We all hung out. And then my relationship ended.  Its so hard to tell the story without being judged, and I honestly avoid that question as much as possible. Darrell was my support group during my divorce, and NO, it's not like that. He even told me to go back a time or two.  He tried to be a much of a middle man as he could.  We were TRULY friends before we became boyfriend/girlfriend. I wouldn't change it if I had to though. :)

8. I'm EXTREMELY modest.
So modest that it bothers me to talk about being modest. I don't do naked, I don't talk about naked, I don't like to talk about sex, I don't even like TV sexual encounters. It all makes me SO uncomfortable. My face turns bright red and you can automatically tell that I'm no longer at ease.  I don't even like to do naked in the comfort of my very own home... by myself, let alone in front of Darrell. I'm hoping that as I come more comfortable in my own skin, that I become more comfortable around him and myself. One day. Baby steps.  Putting my weigh-in and progress pictures on here is one step... my spray tan parties are the next. LOL

9. I'm a licensed Cosmetologist.
I took cosmetology school while I was a junior and senior in high school, missed my baccalaureate to test my state boards, and received my certification letter in the mail, the same day as my high school graduation. :) I don't "do" hair and nails in a shop.  I do haircuts in my kitchen, I paint my own toes, but I go get my hair did... I get a new set of nails... I don't take care of my face. lol. All those things I learned... they're in the back of my head. I just don't always do it myself.

10. My bestest-best friend lives in Austin.
Meagan has three beautiful little boys and an amazingly smart hubby and we DO NOT get to see each other often enough. We became friends when I asked her if her name was MAY-gan or MEG-en.  BIG difference. I needed to know. We've been together (pretty much) ever since. I was her MOH in her wedding she was there for the birth of my children. She loves me and I love her. She is the one that knows ME. And still loves me for it. We know secrets, we don't always like the same things (Dr. Who?), but we always come back to each other.  We both visit her moms house when she's in town, sleep in the same bed, drink, laugh and stay up entirely too late. And you ought to hear the gossip. LOL She gives the best hugs and the best gifts. She's my Meagan. I couldn't exist without her.
10a. My other Bestie- Suzan, I just found out is moving away from me next month. :( More on that subject later. Love you lady.

Well, there you have it... 10 random fact about this Heavy Cupcake.  I hope you learned something new. I hope you come back.  And if you ever want to know more... Just ask. :)


  1. :) I get to see you next month though! :)

  2. So glad to learn more about you :)
    Dont feel judged about how you met Darell. I met my bf after my ex-husband and I split but he ended up kinda being my neighbor and everyone thinks we were having an affair.

  3. That had to be hard with your son. Where in Colorado? (I live their so just curious)

    No judgement about your boyfriend, I got divorced and found my boyfriend before...thank goodness. Sometimes the bad brings the good:)

  4. I really enjoy when people most more about themselves.

  5. I love posts like there where you're able to get to know someone more. I love the fact that you're modest - I think it's refreshing in today's world. I am complete opposite, haha, but I still appreciate it. You do a killer job at planning parties, everything looks great. And your nephew is SOO cute - look at that blonde hair!