Saturday, February 15, 2014

Cause I haven't posted in a while...

Hey... It's me.  Niki.  Ya know, the one that started this blog?

I haven't written much more than Weigh in Wednesday's lately, so I feel as thought I've neglected anyone that may actually be following. So, here I am.  On a Saturday. :)

Yesterday was Valentines Day (as you all are very aware of).  My honey did a great job this year (as with most years) and bought my favorite roses and sent them to the office.
Yes, that balloon DOES say, "You're Pretty Special".  He's constantly telling me how special I am to him, and he loves to do things that are different from everyone else.  Think about it.  How many "I Love You" balloons did you see yesterday?  Tons. How many "You're Pretty Special" balloons did you see? Huh? One.  This one. :)

I also came home to a basket of goodies set out on my bed.
That boy... I tell ya.  He loves to go above and beyond, even though I told him no gifts.  The basket he put together himself, purchased each item himself, and actually paid attention and made each item something I've been wanting.

I have a new yoga video (cause that's my choice workout), yoga blocks and bands, new flip flops (that my 6 year old swears I needed), a new shaker bottle (cause my 8 year old and I use them every morning and I get tired of washing them), lots of Quest Bars (my new favorite snack), a smelly thing from Bath & Body Works for my new Jeep, Sleep body wash/bubble bath (cause I was almost out and have been having a hard time sleeping), a couple wallet/purses I had asked for, for the trip to Vegas, AND a game camera for hunting season.

Darrell had to work last night, so we didn't get to go to dinner or anything for the holiday, but I took my other Valentine out (one of my BFF's, Suzan) and we had a good time.  Darrell and I did our yearly tradition and enjoyed our favorite restaurant today.  Franks Italian. YUMMO
Darrell got his Valentines Day present last weekend while we were out and about.  He's been talking about getting a FitBit band since he moved in, and so after doing a bunch of research a couple weeks ago, I caved and got him one. I'll post a full post on my review of it... I may have gotten myself one too. I didn't intend on giving it to him before Valentines Day, but he found it in the basket and I couldn't say it was mine cause I got a different kind.

I've got the weekend off and free from kids.  Whatever will I do with myself? The kiddos went to stay with their grandparents for the weekend, and Darrell is back at work tonight, so I'm just over here... hanging out... blogging and all...

Wednesday I gave  shout out to my sister for her 16th birthday. We went to dinner that night and she had to do the whole embarrassment thing.
We love to do things like this to her. :)

Such a pretty young lady.  Watch out boys... it's not daddy you need to be afraid of.  It's her big sister! Lort help me, I'm scared to death for this little lady.  She's such a cutie, a cheerleader, and a boy magnet.  Bless her heart. Dear Lord please watch over her... closely.

In even better news... my tickets to the Elton John concert while we're in Vegas came in. Whoot! I can not wait... I'll have to do a whole post on Vegas as well... seriously ya'll.  i love it almost as much as my kids. :-)

Until then, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day! Make the most of this beautiful weekend!


  1. So nice to have a new blog post to read from you!

    Wow, what an awesome gift basket! So thoughtful and personal!

    Hope to read more from you in the near future!

    1. It's nice to be back!! I've got some more lined up for the coming week! Darrell did a wonderful job on the gift basket... and I've already enjoyed a lot out of it!
      Thanks for following along!