Monday, February 17, 2014

Resolution Revolution Goodies and Review!

I realized that I didn't talk about the Resolution Revolution goodies that came in this month!
Mio Fit, a cookie dough Quest Bar, PB2, Skinny Cow snacks, and KT Tape... and a Brady Band that isn't pictured because I swiped it up immediately and put it on!

I've been using Mio for quite some time. I also like the off brands, and the Hawaiian punch and Kool Aid brands. All yummy, all calorie free, all help me get my water down the hatch!

The Cookie Dough Quest Bar was amazing.  I ate it as it, but have heard that warming them makes them even yummier! I liked it so well, that I sent my honey out to GNC in the next town over, to get me one of several different flavors for me to try.  So far I've had the cookie dough, the cinnamon roll, cookies and cream, strawberry cheesecake, and apple pie.  The cinnamon roll is take it or leave it.  I'll probably leave it, after I eat the other one that Darrell got me in my Valentines basket. As I said, the cookie dough is really good, the cookies and cream was yummy (uncooked), and the strawberry cheesecake was very yummy treat for my 3:00 sugar craving. The apple pie though? OMG. I'll take a case. Like, now.

I've eaten the Skinny Cow brand snacks before and these were darn yummy too, just as all the others have been.  Think of this one as a 100 Grand candy bar.  Just like it, only cut up in pieces.  Worth the buy.

I had purchased PB2 the week before this came in and I was totally stoked at how much it actually tastes like real peanut butter.  I've purchased another jar of it and gave this sample to a friend of mine that has been looking for a PB alternative.  I also purchased the chocolate version of the PB2 hoping it tasted more like Nutella, but alas, it does not.  It's still yummy, and I HAD been looking for a way to bump up the chocolate flavor in my protein shake, so this works well.  Overall, the PB2 is a must buy for me again.  I really do like it and it helps me with my protein shakes.

As for the KT tape, I haven't used it yet. I haven't done much to think about using it, so I'm just holding on to it for a while.

And this brings me to the Brady Band! Whoot! I've been eyeballing these for months, and never could ring myself to purchase one.  Thanks to Jess, I've got one now! Please go check this wonderful company out.  Brady Bands was named after an amazing little boy named Brayden who lost his life to brain cancer in 2012. We are passionate about helping to find a cure for childhood cancer, the number one killer of children under 16 in the U.S.. At least 10% of every sale will be donated to childhood cancer research.

February's Resolution Revolution box didn't disappoint and I'm already looking forward to March's. This group has been so beneficial to me the past couple months. I can ask questions, talk about my frustrations and get the great support that any woman on a weight loss mission need! Jess has one an amazing job setting up this group and with the monthly boxes! Go check her blog out and read about her journey as well!

AND!! TODAY is her one year blogging anniversary! Enter her giveaway on her blog for $70 cash! She's lost 70lbs to date, so that's where the number came from. Check it out!

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