Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day TWO!!

It’s day two, y’all! I’ve doubled up on my Strawberry-Mango Spark today ‘cause the little lady didn’t sleep at all last night!

We’re in that weird spot of the weather that it’s hot then its cold, then its rainy… It was warm when I went to bed, it was cold when I got up.  I think that had a lot to do with my lack of sleep… cause I was dog tired! Maybe I was too tired?

Anywho- Day one wrapped up pretty good.  I had apples and grapes for snacks, a salad for lunch and last night we wanted Mexican, so I did fajitas.  I probably could have cut out some of the stuff I did eat, but I still think I did well, AND took my CarbEase with dinner, to hopefully off set my largest meal of the day. Amazing enough, I didn’t want a snack last night either, so I went to bed with my 10 day cleanse pills (3 larger pills) and 3 Catalyst pills, and I was done!

Today has started with the double Spark (see above), Catalyst and the fiber drink again… and I haven’t quite gotten to breakfast yet.  The plan again is to have a salad for lunch and fruits for snacks… And dinner is a wash tonight.  I may bake some chicken, or maybe even a turkey breast, if my honey grabs one today. I’ve been craving turkey for some reason, but don’t want to pay the deli prices! Sheesh! I had also thought about breakfast for dinner one night! Mmmm… I love fried eggs and bacon. Of course, Ill probably do scrambled and turkey bacon, but it’s still eggs and bacon! Now… if I can just remember to thaw my turkey bacon.

What are some of your favorite things to eat when you’re getting healthy and eating right? I love seeing suggestions, websites, etc.  So comment or email me with them! 

Also- I've posted an amazing Transformation Tuesday pic on my Heavy Cupcake IG... It's not me (obvs) but its of my friend  Julie that I met in January in a FB group. The woman set a New Years Resolution and she. is. crushing. it!  She's down 75 puonds (SEVENTY FIVE!) and she's doing an awesome job! Go check her out, let her know how great she's doing,  and watch her progress! 

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