Monday, November 10, 2014

Day Eight on a Monday!

Today is day 8 on the 24 day challenge and I’m still alive, feel pretty good, and can’t wait to see what this 10 day cleanse has done at the end of it. (Day 11 I’ll weigh in again)

Friday was a cluster of crap and I didn’t get to post… Sorry about that, but life happens and I’ve gotta deal! I did pretty well over the weekend… Friday night the boys went to their dads and it was my oldest 7th birthday…

This year has been a whirlwind with him.  You can read about some of that here… That boy… He’s gonna be a heart breaker! We took him to dinner, I had a salad, then I dropped them off with their grandmother and off they went to OKC! This was my first year to not spend his birthday with him, so it was a little emotional.  Luckily, we had a great big Harry Potter Birthday for him the weekend before.

We had decided to go watch my sister cheer in her last football game… got there and they were cheering from the stands, so that was a bust.  We ended up leaving and heading to Lowes and Pier 1 instead. (Aren’t we a ball of fun!) I picked out a washer and dryer and picked up some clearance Halloween stuff and we were home and in bed by 9!

Saturday my aunt and uncle took me to breakfast, I kept it as clean as possible since we headed to a buffet. Fruit, some yogurt and granola and some bacon and scrambled eggs.  No biscuits and gravy for me! Aren’t you proud?! I skipped out on lunch since breakfast was so late, then headed over to get my nails filled and a pedicure from my favorite place. It kept me busy (and relaxed) so food wasn’t on my mind the whole time. It helped, but dinner rolled around and I have to say, I was pretty hungry.

We hit up the local casino, I lost $50, he lost $100 (don’t get me started) and we ate at Gilly’s.  The food was excellent, and for our waitress to not be a waitress, she did an excellent job! I had the chicken quesadillas, and while it wasn’t the cleanest of meals, it was the cleanest they had besides more salads.  And I’m a little salad-ed out. After we were done giving away all our money, we decided to hit up Sears… just to seal my decision on the appliances I had picked out. Again, home and back in bed by 9… We’re some wild ones, I tell ya!

Sunday, we do big dinners at my grandmothers.  Yesterdays menu was nothing but soups so I stuck with the chili (home raised beef and tomatoes) and didn’t stuff myself like I normally would.  I picked up the boys, we came home, discussed the appliances once more, then headed to town to actually purchase them this time.  Poor salesman… Didn’t see it coming. The appliances were already $250.00 off, but Sears was holding a friends and family event from 6-9 and were offering an additional 10% off… I made Lowes give me the same deal.  AND got my 5 year protection plan for about $300 off of the Sears price.  THEN I put it on my Lowes card and got them for 18 months no interest.  HECK YES I a saved myself about a thousand dollars and got a Big. Ass. Washer. And. Dryer. This momma of a king sized bed, two boys, a boyfriend and a dog? Happy!

The boys were starving after momma got through with Lowes and selling my soul to them… so we went to… wait for it… Hooters. Needless to say, I didn’t eat very well. *whomp, whomp, whomp* I’ll admit, I had wings (naked) and a few curly fries. I came home and took my Carb Ease Plus, though, along with the rest of the cleanse pills and I decided not to dwell on it.  A week of very clean eating, plus a Monday ahead of me? One meal won’t kill me, nor will one meal fix me.  Start again, clean it up and stick to it again this morning.

Today starts the fiber drink back… again,

I’m doing the peaches and cream so it’s not that bad… sometimes though, I wish it had small chunks of peaches in it.  Lol.  It seems to fill me up when I drink it, so I have to remind myself to eat breakfast.  Just three days left in the cleanse, then I’ll be on to start the Max Phase. I’ve ordered the MNS Max E (for energy) so we’ll see how that works.  I’ve also ordered the ThermoPlus to take as well… I’m having to get with my sponsor to see exactly how/when to take it, but I’m looking forward to seeing what all of this will do for me!

It’s definitely a manic Monday today, so I’m trying to get this wrapped up and out of the way for today.  How did your weekend go? I’m looking forward to getting past Monday, so here’s to hoping everyone has a great day!

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