Monday, November 18, 2013

Pile full of Mush...

So I'm home, sick today.  I hate being sick.  I feel like such a lazy ass when I'm ill. Normally I hit the floor running, work, pick kids up, fix dinner and my feet don't come off the floor until the kids are well in bed.  This week, nada. Darrell has been cooking and doing some cleaning, so I haven't felt quite stressed about that like normal, and I could feel myself coming down with whatever I've got here, and have tried to rest up and take my meds like clockwork to keep from it kicking my ass.  I didn't succeed.  I've full been down for two days now. Coughing, congestion, sore throat, body ache crapiness. Luckily (knock on wood) I haven't had any head congestion, so I can still breath, although, I thought my head would explode last night. Anyway, I've been a lazy ass this weekend and it's killing me.  I keep laying here, feeling my ass get bigger by the second, but CAN NOT seem to get up and do anything.  When I do get up (bathroom or water) by the time I'm back to the bed, I'm worn out. Hoping today is the very bottom so that I can get back on track this week. 
Darrell is still looking for a job.  He had an interview Friday evening, and while they liked him, the job was for Tulsa (not what the listing was for). So, it's basically a no-go. He is waiting to hear back from another place today.  They were worried about him not wanting to stay long since he's coming off of a higher ranking/paying position at the Waffle. Making these people realize that he understands that he will be going into a lower position with lower pay than what he made at the Waffle is so, so hard. We're still corssing our fingers, saying our prayers and filling out applications daily, looking for something before Christmas sneaks up on us too much.

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