Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday: Day 10 of 30

It's that time of the week again... I'm having a really hard time NOT weighing daily it seems.  But with a weigh in on Sundays with Adie, and a weigh in on Wednesdays here, it seems like I should weigh in every morning! With that being said, while I'm in this 30 day challenge, I think I'll do my weekly weigh in with her, and just post is here on Wednesdays. Deal?
Alrighty then... here it is for this past Sunday, the 23rd, 7 days into the challenge:

That's down 2.4 pounds. I finally feel like I've broken that plateau I was in for the whole month of February! I'm sure that being more careful with the grains (gluten) has helped because I've stayed even farther away from anything bread related than normal.  And maybe I DID need to cut out my cheese. Even though it was only about 6-10 tablespoons of shredded cheese a week, maybe it was just enough to not let me get past what I needed to.

This is our second week of grain/dairy free, and like I said, I've tried to go as gluten free as possible as well. I'm not sure it's something I'll stick with forever, but it does make me stop and think more.  And like I said last week, I don't FEEL any better.  I know that it can take weeks and months for your digestive tract to heal from most problems, and who knows... once I reintroduce those things into my diet, I may THEN feel the difference.

Over the weekend I had a couple of meals out. I took my brother to dinner, and my sister to breakfast, both at a buffet. This was a good option for me, since I could pick and choose exactly what went on my plate.  I tried to stay with the salad bar, fruit and meats as much as possible.  I did have a baked potato (no sour cream) and I think that was the majority of my NON salad veggies. I had a baked chicken breast for dinner and for breakfast I had sausage. mmmmm.... All in all, I'd say I did pretty good. For eating out of course. I stayed within my calorie range, so it's a WIN!

My walking suffered over the weekend, but a cold spell moved in Friday night, so I didn't do much.  I did get in a small workout at Sam's Club Sunday though... Them baskets are HEAVY! It's still chilly, but I'm hoping to get a few walks in this week. Or some yoga. I could use some yoga. If I could find the time.

Anywho- as always, I'm linking up with Ash and Nina... if you don't read their bogs, you should. IJS.
Also- Monday I posted about the Woolzies I won from FoodFitFab.  They've got another giveaway going that you should totally check out, here.

Happy Humpday y'all! Make it a good one!


  1. Oh girl I walked right out this morning & forgot to weigh! I'm supa jealous of you though! I keep losing & regaining & losing the same 5 pounds! But look at you go!!! That's where I should be if I could get my shit together! Rock on girl!

  2. good job on the weight loss and staying on track eating out at a buffet. I feel cheated if I go to a buffet and don't get to indulge lol So I try to stay away when I'm in weight loss mode. I know that takes some serious willpower. Have a good week.

  3. Great loss and congrats on getting past the plateau!

  4. You are doing great Niki! So proud of you and your hard work. None of these changes are easy, but you're so right when you talk about how it is slowing you down and making you more aware of the labels and of what you're eating. Dairy is so much harder for me than was always my first to add back in and the same for most challengers. It has made me aware of how MUCH dairy, wheat, or other things I eat. Love the awareness it brings. :) I am excited to hear how your next week wraps up! Keep it up!

  5. That's a great loss! Congrats on getting away from your plateau!