Thursday, April 17, 2014

Take me out to the ball field....

It's baseball season y'all! My youngest, Remington is playing this year.

He's a Mustang... #54.  His daddy's old football number.

The kid is a little slugger.  His first game? He got a Grand Slam... you can bet he made some cash off of that one! His second game, he got two doubles that should have been home runs, IF the ball field would fix their fence.  The ball apparently rolled under the fence, and so they have to stop you at second. :-/ Oh well.  

He's doing so well this year, and seems to like it. Once he's there anyway.  Getting TO practice and games is a bit harder. LOL

We've got another game tonight. The late one.  I'm hoping that it doesn't make for a cranky kid in the morning! 
I get a semi-workout when we go to the games... I have two chairs, an ice chest, and usually a kid to carry from the car to the field and back.  And I'm THAT mom... the one that yells and screams.  And not just to cheer them on.  I WILL call you out on a bad call, I will tell my son to pay attention, and I WILL tell the coach to pull my kid if he ain't doing his job! LOL.  My kid may be good, but there are several other kids on the team that are good too.  And several others that don't get as much play time, but they need it too.  I am not above pulling my own kid. lol

I grew up on the baseball fields. I played, I bat-girled, I assisted, and I've cheered.  My step dad has almost always been involved with the little league in some way, and I've usually be right there behind him.  I know my baseball, and while I won't watch the games on TV... take me to a ball field and gimme some nachos or a ball field pickle, and this chick is in HEAVEN! 

Are you a ball mom? Who's your little slugger?

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  1. What an awesome young man you have there! A leftie too!! Gives him a good advantage in a world full of mostly rightie pitchers! :-)

    Do you encourage him to switch hit??

    1. THANK YOU! Yes! He loves that he's the only leftie and sometimes ASKS to hit right. He's more confident left, but is getting comfortable with the other. He can even throw both ways too!