Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday and a Giveaway!

Hello ladies and gents... It's that time again, and this week, we're also wrapping up my 30 day challenge with Adie. Here's today's number...

Here are also my measurement's from beginning to end
I know... Awesome editing here.
And my before and after photos

Of course, you know I had a bad week in there and gained... significantly. But thanks to Alicia (Brew Mama) and Candra (Camo & Lipstick) I got right back on track and had a 2# loss as of last Saturday! THANK YOU LADIES! I didn't do all that I had hoped for with the challenge, but sometimes it just doesn't go as planned.

Speaking of Brew Mama... She has an awesome giveaway going on!

She's contacted some amazing blogger ladies and we've all chipped in a little here and there for a fantastic giveaway! If you don't follow Alicia already, DO IT NOW! She's such an inspiring lady and she's done an amazing job eating right and losing weight! She even dropped two pant sizes recently (that's right, TWO) and is rocking some awesome new clothes! If I hadn't been contacted about helping out on the giveaway, I'd be the first person signed up! ;-) Make sure you head over and read all about her, and about the other wonderful women that are making this giveaway possible!
Niki from Heavy Cupcake (HEY! THAT'S ME!)

Get to ENTERING!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And as always, I'm linking up with Ashlee over here for Weigh in Wednesday!

Weigh In Wednesday
Remember! There won't be one next week as I'll be in Vegas... and hopefully staying off of the scale! There will be lots of walking involved... but also lots of food and drinking.  Don't judge.  We all need a vacation every once and a while!

That's all for today folks... How did your weekly weigh in go?! Link up and let us know!


  1. Great job on the loss girl, way to get right back on track! And NO judging here - enjoy Vegas!!

  2. way to go!
    have a great time in vegas! I've never been. take lots of pictures!
    ps. love that giveaway! but i can't find your blue "join this site" button to follow via GFC! xxo

  3. Congrats on all of those lost inches!!! I can definitely see it in your waist!

  4. Congrats on completing your challenge!! You did great! So excited to be a part of the giveaway too--wish I could win:)

  5. Wahoo! Vegas! We went on our honeymoon and had a blast.

    Great job with your challenge that is an amazing number of inches!