Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

It's hump day again, and I'm back at it and feeling much better than last week.  THANK YOU to everyone that felt my pain and left words of encouragement, or that emailed and checked in on me.  I appreciate it all.  Seriously.  I've realized now, more than ever, that I DO have people supporting me, even thought they're people I don't see every day! THANK YOU!

So here's this week's number...
Sorry it's blurry... I only took one shot and was in a hurry. Also, I did NOT weigh in this Sunday for the challenge with Adie. I forgot all about it that morning, and by the time the birthday party was over (more on that later), I had had such a bad week, I knew my weight would be WAY off. So, here's today.

I have to give a shout out to my honey on here today.  He apologized for what he commented, and that took a lot.  I know he didn't mean it the way I took it, but apparently, when you're in a position like I am, every little thing can discourage you. He's a joker, and that's how his comments were meant. We're good.  I'm better, he's better.  I'm getting this ball rolling again.

I had two amazing ladies contact me yesterday to help me as well... I've learned so much over the past 24 hours and am so grateful to them for helping to pick me back up! Thanks to them, I'm now switched over to My Fitness Pal... Yeah, I know, I know. I'm behind on the times.  But, I've used LoseIt for so long, it was hard to make the change. But... it's done. Look me up if you want to "friend" me... NickoleM123

Speaking of names... Should I change my MFP to HeavyCupcake? Or my IG? or should I just get a second account? It's all so confusing! But, my concern is that I wonder if I put my IG as Heavy Cupcake if people will get tired of seeing me and my boys... ALONG with my healthy stuff too, of course. Thoughts?

Anyway... short post for now.  Know that I AM doing better eating this week and again, am grateful for each and every one of my supporters.  Chime in, say hello! I'd love to get to know you better!


  1. Added you to MFP! I hope you have a better week! Birthdays and all that jazz are hard on the healthy eating! :)

  2. I just started MFP this week also! whatadventuresawait Glad you are doing better.