Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas is DONE...

Kinda.  Not really.  We still have two more. :-/
However, what we've done so far has been wonderful. Tuesday after work I went back up to Granny Morgan's for a Mexican lunch since I got off early.  I went and got the boys and proceeded to attend Christmas at my step-dad's moms home.  We normally just do gifts, but this year we did dinner as well.
And apparently I didn't upload those photos yet... :-/ bummer.
Wednesday morning we woke up and opened Santa presents and our presents to each other.  The boys racked up, Ayden was thoughtful and got me and Darrell gifts, and Darrell was more than good to me. After hanging out a bit, we threw on our jackets over our PJ's and went to my Aunt Jamie's for Breakfast Burritos. One more Christmas tradition we like to have. My camera died, so I don't have photos of breakfast.
Or of the Jones Family Christmas Christmas evening. Oh well, I was there.... that's about as good as it's gonna get! I DO however have family photos that we took! and let me say... this photo that my google account made pretty much sums it up.  Out of 12 photos... I've got two that if I can mash them together, will work.
I swear, at one point in this photo, you can see me say "STOP!" lol And you can see the door beginning to open!
my pick for favorite

I got this awesome new shirt from my honey...
We've still got my step moms family Christmas this Saturday in Lincoln, Arkansas.  And on January 11th, we'll finally get to have our family Christmas with my Dad.  Now, we just have to figure out when we can make it towards Jonesboro to see Darrell's family.
How did your Christmas turn out?

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