Monday, December 23, 2013

Pre-Christmas Sentiments

Christmas is finally close enough to say it's here!
We started our holidays off on Saturday, with my dad's side of the family.  We always meet at my granny Morgans for food, presents for the kids, and a dirty Santa gift exchange for the adults.  Darrell and I didn't participate this year, as we have been financially strapped this month. Good thing it's not mandatory! lol The boys racked up on gifts...

I took some precious photos of my Nephew (little Bill) and his mommy and daddy for Christmas
And I enjoyed watching my 87 year old grandmother open her gifts.

Theres just something about that toothless smile that I love so much.  I spend a great amount of time with her as a child, and  everyone will tell you that I'm her favorite... She will too! lol 
I picked my little brother up after the Morgan Christmas and we went home to cook... and cook and cook.  
Sunday we had the annual cookie party that my Aunt Jamie throws.  I swear it gets bigger and bigger every year!

 Ayden (8)
 Remington (6)
 Little Bro Todd (16)
 My other very special Granny Rose. She's 80
 Cousin Madi and her bf Warren
 Madi and Desaree (15)
I worked last night trying to make sure we get paid before the holiday... now that I'm at work and still waiting on everyone else to do their part of payroll, I see that my efforts were not well spent.  It will now be Friday before I get paid.  A WHOLE DAY AFTER normal payday.  Things like this frustrate me. Not that I won't get paid till a day later than normal, but that no one else does their job in  a timely manner. :-/
Weigh in Wednesday happens tomorrow... I'll also note more stuff about the Resolution Revolution that I've signed up for with Jessi. I can't wait to get started! 

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