Saturday, December 14, 2013

I am Mommy... Hear me Roar

Sometimes that's what it feels like I'm doing.  All. The. Time.

I love my children, please don't get me wrong.  But sometimes, I just don't like them. Is that so wrong? I don't think so.

I HATE the way that boys smell.  Stinky, smelly, musty, boys.  I could have air fresheners attached tot he kids and they'd still stink.  Their bedrooms, their clothes, their BATHROOM! Oh my God, don't get me started on the bathroom!  And LAZY does not even begin to describe the way they act when they're supposed to do something or have been asked to do something.
(Ayden, My nephew ABJ, myself & Remington)

We have routine (mostly because I have CDO) but they STILL can't get it down.  Even though we've done it every day for God knows how long.  Mommy wakes you at 6:20 every morning.  We get dressed, brush our hair and teeth and if we have time, we pick up our bedrooms.  Put the dog out, get your coat AND backpack and get in the car.  That's the gist of it anyway. Half the time my kids don't realize that part of getting dressed also includes putting socks and shoes on.  And for goodness sake, pull your pants legs out of your socks!

They also don't seem to understand multi tasking.  And maybe I'm asking too much there... I try to talk myself into that answer anyway, but seriously.  I've told them and told them.  Spray your hair when you go into to the bathroom, brush your teeth, THEN bush your hair so that the water has time to soak in. It's not that hard.  Instead, 15mins into standing in the bathroom, and tantrum later, we're whining about our hair that won't stay down. UGH!

And all of this is *IF* they've even decided to brush their teeth at all and they weren't standing in there fighting the whole time. Or spraying each other with the water bottle. Or throwing Nerf bullets at each other. All mommy asks is that you get ready in the mornings.  Is that too much to ask?

And when was the last time a little boy actually HIT THE TOILET when peeing? HUH? Cause I can't stand that. AT ALL. What the hell? Are they just built without an aiming gene or something? It's not that hard really.  You've been peeing for 6-8 years now.  Potty trained for 4-6 years... C'mon guys.  Just pee IN the toilet. Mommy can't stand the smell of a boys bathroom.  And I clean the thing SOOOOO often.  Just because of the smell.

Is it wrong of me to feel the way I do? Am I being a bad mom for feeling that way? The constant fighting with my kids over stupid stuff has just gotten me down. This post wasn't meant to look like I hate my children.  I was to put out there what I think and feel about ME being a MOTHER.  And while I do know that I'm not alone in this today... sometimes I question whether or not I deserve my kids.

A Little Boy Mothers Prayer I read this morning:
God grant me the strength to make it through the hygiene battles of the Male tween/teen years. The patience to not shave my child's -continually unwashed despite being in the shower- hair and the wisdom to outsmart this little punk and get him to use soap to clean his body while in the shower.  Asking for him to towel off after or keep the shower curtain closed while he's in there too much, I know. -Amen

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