Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow Through Friday! *New Linkup*

I'm hoping to start Follow Through Friday with these lovely ladies starting today.  Link up with us and feel more accountable!

"These ladies are co-hosting a link up to help keep themselves, and us on track with our 2014 goals!  They are calling it Follow Through Fridays, and they would love for you to link up with them and share your ups and downs of the week and how you are “following through” with your goals.  If you don’t have a blog and want to still check in, feel free to hashtag your Instagram update pics on Fridays with #FTF."

You can read more on Jennifer's blog post HERE

I've done pretty good this week.  I've been under my daily amount of calories for the whole week. That's pretty big for me.  I also did meal prepping and only went off plan twice.  But replaced the meal with Subway sandwiches, and still stayed within my calories.  I've done some sort of work out every day since the 2nd and I lost 2ish lbs.

However, while I did decide to do the Jillian in January challenge with some of the above ladies... I've quit. (whomp, whomp, whomp)  I admit it. She's a b-word and I just can't do it. I've got to work up my stamina and get myself more psyched up for her. I did do it.  I hated it.  And I hurt for three days after YOGA.  I'm going back to what worked for me in October for this month, then I'll go back and give Jillian a try again. 

Another positive? My package from Jess came in yesterday! Yay!! 

I cant wait to review the samples she sent and to show you our awesome Resolution Revolution t-shirts! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We're headed to yet another Christmas tomorrow with my Dad and immediate family.  Can't wait for BBQ! Don't forget to link up with these lovely ladies and STAY ACCOUNTABLE!!


  1. Girl I hear you. Jillian is a bish for reals.
    Thanks for linking up!!

    Camo & Lipstick

  2. Awesome job on your diet. It's so hard! Don't worry about Jill. You can do something else! Glad you're working with Jess. She's all the Jill you need! Thanks for linking up :)

  3. Thanks for linking up it looks like you're doing great!