Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winner, Winner!! Weigh in Wednesday

It's Weigh in Wednesday again, and I'm a little stoked about seeing today's number.  I've been eating *mostly* clean and back on my Zeal Wellness every morning.  Plus doing my protein shakes in the mornings.I also found this Weigh in Wednesday linkup! Go Check it out!
Weigh In Wednesday

I signed up for the Jillian in January challenge with the ladies over at the other linkup, but... it's not going so well... Jillian's Yoga Meltdown... burn... whatever its called, KICKED MY ASS! I had terrible pains in my left ass for three days (yes, I still hurt today) and I decided Jillian wasn't for me.  Not yet.  I've got to get back to the agility and stamina to keep up with her perfect ass.

So yeah, I'm a quitter.  I'll admit it. But I've picked my old yoga video back up and I'm gonna start there.

Awesome news for ya from yesterday... I WON SOMETHING! Whoot!

I won the awesome #topsecretjug from Valerie over at Fab Chick Gets Fit...

You must read her story! She's hilarious, shes a cutiepatootie and she gave me free stuff! She's definitely one of my inspirations for my health as she started her weight loss journey this time last year, and she is ROCKING it! Thanks again Valerie!

I'm a huge Instagram addict... seriously.  And since I've made my account public (so that the lady doing the yoga challenge in October could see my posts) I've gotten tons of followers... It's crazy! And I'm actually really stoked about it! LOL Now... if all those followers would actually follow my blog.. I'd be even better off! HA!

I'm also pretty excited about our Resolution Revolution packages coming in! Jess stuck them in the mail yesterday, so mine should be here Saturday-ish? Our mail people run EXTREMELY slow around here. If you're interested in the Resolution Revolution she's started, check out her blog, and leave her your email... I know she's taking a wait list for February now!

So here it is, ladies and gents (HA! Like there were any!) Here's today's lucky number.... drum roll please.................................

Okay, so its not as as good as it could have been if I would have stuck with Jillian. But its down. Hopefully being more active before the next weigh in will help!

Thinking about posting some recipes an Aunt sent me last week.  They're crock pot (so not tons of work) and she thinks they could be frozen before crock potted, so they should be pretty handy for this cold weather. It'd be neat to have a couple crock pot meals ready to pop in once or twice a week...

what are your thoughts on me posting recipes??


  1. Popping in from WIW.

    Great job on the loss! It's always nice to see the scale move in the right direction, even if it's just a bit.

    1. Thank you, it always motivates me to do more when I see that it's actually moving in the right way! LOL
      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great job on the loss (here from WIW)! Yes please share recipes, you can never have too many!

    1. I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great loss this week! New here from the WIW linkup!

  4. I am doing the Yoga Meltdown and I love it. Take it slow and just do the modified moves. Jillian can be a bitch at times, but stick with it girlie, you will feel great for doing it.
    Congrats on the win - those bottles look pretty cool.
    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I normally love yoga... I was really surprised by it when I started it a couple months back. But Jillian just isn't nice about it! lol I think I'll try hers again later this month, but for now, I just need to get back in the saddle!
      I'm pretty psyched about the water bottle, can't wait to get it!
      Thanks for the linkup today! I'm sure I'll be doing it again next week!