Friday, January 3, 2014

Starting Before

So I told ya about the Jillian January contest I'm doing on IG... well, part of it is to take before pics, and measurements.  And while I took the before pics yesterday (and forgot to post them) I took measurements too, and forgot them at home.  I'll update this post this evening with my measurements... I'd like to compare to the ones I posted a month or so ago anyway... even though I hadn't done anything to change anything... I've probably gained inches now that I think about it... EEEK! HERE is a link to my before pics and measurements that I posted on 11/13
So, here I am. In all my glory. Once again.  Front, sides and back... Same exact type of clothing as the last photos, just different colors.

BTW... Why does my back look like a Shar Pei? WTF? What do I need to do to get rid of that stuff? That's just nasty.
Wish me luck with this whole Jillian thig... I'm not liking her after last night!

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